S.H Parts

Levanda 34 St. ISRAEL

03-6399048 - 03-6399564

About Us 

S.H is one of the leading car rubber parts companies in Israel.
We import parts from several countries and market them to businesses all over Israel Gaza, and West Bank.
The company consists of 10 employees.
The business area is about 1000 m2.


Our Products:

We hold about 5000 different items for a wide variety of cars which include:
radiator hoses
engine mountings
suspension bushings
strut mountungs
automotive & timing belts
stabilizer rubber parts

These items are imported from 2 main countries
Turkey & Thailand in addition to Spain, China, England, Italy ,Korea.

Contact Us:

Adress: Levanda 34, Tel Aviv,Israel

+972 3 6399048
+972 3 6399564
+972 3 6399460

+972 3 6399045

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